I started Xquisite Design in 1996 and it has grown out of my love for beautiful things and a talent for sewing and design. I have been honing my craft for over 20 years to become a revered expert in the custom drapery industry.  But I didn’t always sew.

I have a degree in accounting and worked in the world of numbers for awhile until I realized that wasn’t where my passions were. I wanted to be more creative so I entered the automotive industry doing drafting. Working in drafting taught me to visualize a pattern from a 3 dimensional design. I enjoyed my career in automobiles drafting, until my first child was on her way and my plan was to be a stay at home mom.

The first home decorating project I created was a cradle covering for my daughter. From there I started sewing clothing for her and then later, my son as well. To challenge myself, I picked the most intricate and difficult patterns for fancy clothing and matching outfits, which embarrasses them to this day. But my daughter loved to twirl around in the pretty dresses I made for her.

After that I started sewing costumes for church choirs and drama organizations. I also did tuxedo and formal dress alterations. This is where I really perfected the art of hand-sewing and detail oriented techniques that I use today.

In 1994, I began working in the interior design industry for a window treatment workroom and two short years later opened Xquisite Design.

I believe that a client’s home is not just their castle, but is also their canvas. It is the way they express their tastes and flair for creativity. I love to make a design become a reality and every new project is a metamorphosis waiting to emerge.

I am a member of the Greater Detroit Workroom Association where I regularly work with other designers and fabricators to stay informed and up to date on the latest styles and products available for custom interior design and fabrication.

I want to sew your ideas into reality!

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