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These doors go by many names. I learned that people from a “certain southern city – to remain unnamed here”  did not know what I was talking about when referring to a “DOOR WALL”!  They did  however, know about Sliding Glass Doors!

Some of these “moving windows” or sliding glass doors have a wood frame, some have an aluminum frame and there is even a FRAMELESS version which features two (or more) horizontal sashes fitted with rollers at the bottom for swift sideways movement on tracks.

Basically no  matter what you call it they are a sliding glass door with two panels in which one panel slides horizontally past the other all within a single frame.

EASY ACCESS:   Many homeowners and designers love this type of window because they open up the outside and allow a beautiful view to the inside.  They also and more importantly allow for YOU to enter and exit your room easily.  Sometimes you need to move a large piece of furniture into your home – a sliding glass door could offers this access.  

Now I must clarify that most people love this type of window but the love thing gets a little “miffed” when it comes to keeping the kids finger prints or the dogs nose prints off of them –they are right at the convenient heights for kids and animals to do this.  (You might want to check out out our blog for cleaning windows)

The other things that can be a little daunting about these large windows is when you want to cover up this huge expanse of glass to allow a little privacy or block the bright sunlight.  What to do — what to do?? Well that is where we come in -literally, we will come in. Right into your home, get out our measuring tape and bring you tons of samples of fabrics and materials that we have used to make our customers happy that they made the choice of a Door wall, Patio door or Sliding glass door.    

Shutters can work!!

We can explain to you how there are many choices of how they open and close with manual (just grab the rod and give it a shove) or automatic systems–those are pretty cool … Just like your TV some of them even have remote control. Oh yeah and of course with all the modern technology, some of them are even on TIMERS!!

One of the suggestions we might share with you is using shades from Horizon Shades.  You will be amazed with the choices of materials that these shades can be made from.  Our professional measuring service and design ideas will set your windows apart from all your neighbors!!  They have hundreds of fabric choices – one favorite is the Grasscloth Blackout Taupe.


If sun and privacy is not an issue, we may suggest a beautiful topping, possibly a cornice just never know what we may come up with!!

Lovely topping over a door wall.

Creative cornice treatment.

Give us a call and we will “SLIDE” right in and help you make the right choice!!

Laura Roscoe – can’t wait to meet you!!







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