Tools of the Trade – Who Knew?

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When we think of custom window coverings we may not get the entire picture.  For instance we may think of beautiful fabric made from people sitting behind an industrial type sewing machine using the typical sewing tools like scissors, thread, and tape measures.  We surely do not know all of the tools of the trade.  

Every day sewing tools

The truth is that most professional window treatments are way more involved than simply sewing on a machine.  A lot of planning and design techniques are needed. The modern window designs, heights and widths require an arsenal of tools to get that professional result.

Power Tools for that perfect design

While this may be a little exaggerated for most jobs, it might not be for some.  A window designer needs to know how to operate power tools of all types and sizes.  An example of that would be a cornice board treatment that we recently did for a customer with some very challenging windows.  Beautiful but nonetheless a big challenge!! You won’t think too much about what is under the beautiful fabric when you see the finished product but believe me, at Xquisite Design we thought it all through and got out the power tools before one yard of fabric was cut.  

Xquisite Design work room with Laura Roscoe

Covering  the boards in the fabric and creating the drapes that hung down the long expanse of

the walls was icing on this beautiful cake.  Now we got out the scissors and got to cut with the normal tools of the trade!!  These panels are just beautiful as you can see.

Cornice Job

Cornice Boards with fabric covering – beautiful!!

Of course hanging a job like this takes skill also and some pretty creative ladder placement.  It can take a village and lots of prayer.  You can imagine how exciting it was for us to take this cornice board treatment from the start to the placement high up on the wall!! Ok, maybe we did hold our breath a little.  

Window treatment hanging is an art in itself!! Watch your step!

Xquisite Design is so proud to make our customer happy with giving them the design they were looking for.  Unusual windows are a challenge we welcome and as you can see that we have the TOOLs and the TALENT for your job – big or small.  Please contact us for an onsite consultation.

Tall window treatment with angled cornice boards. Now that is a custom job!!








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