Curb Appeal: How do my windows look from the outside?

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How does your curb appeal look to those driving by?

Do your window treatments add to your curb appeal?

In Michigan we hope spring is right around the corner.  Let’s assume that it is — we have waited long enough!!   This is a great time to think about how your home – your haven from the world – looks from the outside.  Some people like to call this “Curb Appeal”.

How does your home look as people drive by and maybe more important how does it look to the neighbors across the street?

You have cleaned up all the trash that has blown into your yard over the winter. By now you have put away all the holiday decorations especially those blow up snowmen who have been laying deflated under inches of snow.  Now what?

Curb Appeal



We think about the obvious like a really awesome contrasting color for our front door and maybe a few items to match like rocking chairs or flower pots.  These ideas could go on and on because there are so many creative ideas of how to spruce up your outside world.

Look at your window treatments from THE OUTSIDE

At Xquisite Design Interiors we would like to challenge you to walk outside and get a good view of your home.  Look at your window treatments from THE OUTSIDE. So many of us have put so much thought and expense into how they look from the interior.  We have matched them with the color and function of the rooms. That is highly important but equally important is how they look from outside.  This would include the color as well as how they hang.

An example might be a roman shade that just has too much going on to look professional from the back side. Are your window treatments an eye sore on the outside because of a bulky fabric which does not look attractive or co-ordinate with the outside of your home. A roman shade should be smooth  or neatly gathered on the outside and there are a number ways to accomplish this.

curb appeal

As you stand outside of your home – here are some things to look for:

  •  Is every window treatment a different color from the outside?  A co-ordinating lining or just choosing the same exterior treatment can solve that issue.
  • Sometime in an attempt to get a bit of privacy for your window you may have missed the mark on design.
  • There are those windows that emit too much sunlight during certain times of the day.  We have Window solutions that will look beautiful from inside to out.
  • For those of us who need to have a dark room to sleep we have a window solution for that which is still pleasing to the outside.
  •  And of course there are those windows that are a huge challenge (how be it a good one!) and we just don’t know what to do.


Make this spring the time that you put some of these dreams and wishes to work.  We can help to give your home the “curb appeal” to match your lifestyle.  Please take a moment to browse our Gallery and see some of the creations we have done.   Please give us a call and set up a time when we can help make this dream happen.




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