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Let’s do some Pillow Talk

Pillows are a great way to spruce up any room whether you want two or two hundred pillows in your home. Some people prefer neutral tones. Some people like bold prints on their pillow collection. I have a tip that can change any pillow from plain Jane to fabulously eye catching. Simply, add trim!

Have you ever seen a pillow at a friend’s home or at an interior design display and had your eye on the fancy trim but wasn’t quite sure what it was called? It is hard to ask for what you want when you don’t know the lingo. We are here to help give you the quick and easy beginners guide to knowing what to ask for to accent your pillows.

Asking for Trim: The Beginners Guide




Piping: A fabric-covered cord that is available in a variety of thicknesses. Sometimes called welting.  Often times made in a matching or contrasting fabric which will accent your pillows with just that little bit of flair. Also works well on cushions.







Flat Flange: A flat piece of coordinating fabric in any width sewn onto the edges of the pillow.  This is similar to welt or cording but with out the actual piece of cotton cording inside. A contrasting fabric color of flat flange is used in this example for a dramatic outline.





Brush Fringe: A soft and fluffy fringe made from a variety of fiber types.  Brush fringe can be in a solid color or a variety of colors.  You may also see a similar style fringe to the brush fringe in a loop style or made from ribbons. This example of a beautiful blended brush fringe comes from Robert Allen. 










POM POM: A trim made using pom-poms available in a variety of sizes. See how beautiful this simple grey pillow becomes with pom pom trim wrapped around the pillow. This type of trim also works well on the edges of pillows.




Twist Cording: A collection of yarn twisted or braided together to form a cord.  These make a beautiful addition to any pillow. They can be on used on the edge of a pillow or as an inset like a frame.





Ruffle Fabric: A trim made from using gathered fabric. Ruffle trim can be used in addition to a cording trim and often is used in a contrasting fabric.





Gimp, Galons and Ribbons : A flat trim made with a tightly woven tiny cord-like material or a loose decorative flat trim of woven design. This trim adds a elegant look to any pillow and comes in many shapes, colors, and sizes.








Tassel: A bell shaped trim constructed from yarn and tied together at the neck. Tassels can be attached on the edge of piece of flat trim to add a bit more punch. Tassels also look beautiful  on the edges of a pillow.




Bullion Fringe: A trim with a thin band with hanging 3’’-8’’ long twisted fringe. This trim gives an especially lush appearance to any pillow or bolster.




Mix and Match with help of Trim Experts

As you can see above, there are millions of options and variety of trim for your pillows. And the best part is still yet to be discussed. There is no rule that you can’t combine multiple styles of trim on one pillow. Not just for the rule breakers. It can be overwhelming to visualize what will work well together and that is where our expertise comes in to help you!

Now that you have some trim-anology, you can head into your design discussions with more confidence. Still feeling confused? Not a problem! At Xquisite Design Interiors, we can help you with all your trimming concerns and questions. Please feel free to contact me at anytime to learn how to add that extra pizzazz to your pillows, bolsters and cushions! Below are just a few examples of how you can combine trim to create your dream pillows.







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