Kick Holiday Stress to the Curb

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The holidays can be the most magical time of the year. But magic doesn’t just happen on its own which can lead to major stress. You are not alone, just google “Holiday Stress” and you’ll see links from sites like the Mayo Clinic and the American Psychology Association. You can use these helpful tips to enjoy the holiday season while minimizing your hair pulling.

It doesn’t have to be perfect

There is a preconceived notion that everything has to be just right to create the most picture-perfect holiday memories. Sometimes the best memories are when everything goes wrong. It is easier to find joy and humor in the holiday festivities when you are less preoccupied with how things “look”. Instead, take time to enjoy yourself in the moment. Maybe the dog knocks over the tree or dinner gets burnt to a crisp and you have to order Chinese. Laugh it off. We can’t all be straight out of a JCREW catalog and that is perfectly okay.


Budget your time and money

“Christmas comes this time each year”- The Beach Boys may have been stating the obvious but it begs to remind us that it is possible to see the season on the horizon. Planning ahead (read: planning not obsessing) can help save you time and money. Make a budget and stick to it.

Buying holiday decorations on clearance the week after can save you a ton of money and you will be prepared for next year. The dollar store is a good source of gift wrapping materials and cards for everyone who is budget savvy not just college students. Pinterest can be a source of tips and tricks for those more difficult holiday recipes you want to try out or fun cheap holiday crafts for you and your family.

Learn to say NO

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to say yes to every holiday party, cookie exchange, and secret Santa. Sometimes it may seem hard to say no to friends, family, or colleagues especially during the season of togetherness. However, having less on your schedule will let you enjoy the events you do choose to attend while decreasing the stress of frantically trying to show up to every event. Everyone understands the toll the holidays can take and I promise you that they have had to say “No” before too.

When hosting your own parties, try to think about ways to minimize your stress as the host but also for you guests. For example, the stress of finding the perfect secret Santa for your holiday party can be alleviated by changing the theme to white elephant. Plus you and your guests get the free gift of laughter.


Remember what is important

Regardless of what holiday you celebrate in the winter season: sharing love, kindness, thankfulness and generosity is a staple among them all. Don’t sweat the small stuff and take a few moments to take care of yourself. Remember to take some deep breaths, drink water,  and eat some vegetables among all the sweet treats.

When the roller coaster of the holidays comes along it is easy to lose sight of what is important. The best way to refocus your heart is to give back to your community. You could volunteer at a local food kitchen, donate to charity, send gifts to underprivileged children, or just take time to visit someone who doesn’t have family to spend time with during the holidays.


Ask for help

Whether you are feeling overwhelmed, lonely, isolated, or just plain blue, remember to use your support system. The holidays are a time to celebrate togetherness so reach out to family and friends for help. Take time to express your feelings in whatever way is productive for you. If the holidays are an emotional time for you for any reason don’t be afraid to speak with a professional who can offer the right support.

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