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There are so many possibilities when it comes to window treatmentswindow treatments

Where should you start? Custom window treatments might be perfect for you. You can work with a knowledgeable and skilled fabricator who can offer suggestions on form and function. Plus, she will have access to ordering hard window treatments and fabrics that you probably won’t be able to find on your own.

If you are interested in finding out more about working with a professional window treatment specialist, give me a call today!

But before you call anybody (or order anything) here are a few things to consider when deciding on window treatments.

Function comes First!window treatments

What do you need your window treatments to do? Besides hang there and look AMAZING!

Do you need blackout curtains for a TV room or bedroom?

Do you want some light to come through, but only at certain times of day? Did you know that window treatments that can adjust themselves automatically, creating the perfect room ambiance, exist? They do, and I can get them for you!

Maybe you have unusually high windows that are hard to reach, and therefore hard to adjust. We can find a solution.

What about extra insulation or fabric linings for added warmth? See, the possibilities are endless, but once you figure out function, than you can concentrate on what you want your window coverings to look like.

Choosing Fabric and Colors for Window Treatments

Function will dictate some details about the fabric you choose, but within that category there are still options.

Texture: Is the room formal or casual? Dark or light? Do you want heavy drapes or billowy window treatmentscurtains?

Color: What is your decorating style?  Do you want your window treatments to blend in and be more of a background function, or do you want them to POP and be noticed? Neutral colors versus bold and bright. Should they match the colors of the room or make a unique statement?  If you need help in figuring out your vision, I am happy to help with a consultation. I can work with finished designs, ideas in the making, or help you start from scratch.

Prints & Patterns: This is where the decor of the rest of the room really becomes important. If you have patterned wallpaper, a detailed rug, or bedspread, you don’t want your curtains to clash with what is already going on in the room. However, if the room is solid colors, prints or patterns on your draperies could be fantastic!

Additional Things to Consider

Once you have decided on form, function and type of window treatment you still have a few more things to decide.

  • Length and width of the window treatmentswindow treatments
  • Hardware such at types of rods, bracket, etc.
  • Do I want anything at the top (the heading)? (Basic Heading, Rod-Pocket Heading, Pleated Heading, Tab-Top Heading. valances, etc.)
  • Accessories such as tiebacks and other decorations
  • Installation. Who is going to install this wonderful masterpiece I have designed? That’s easy–I oversee the installation for all of my clients.

If you would like help brainstorming ideas for your window treatments I’d be happy to schedule a consultation with you. Give me a call today! 586-855-6632

 I will take your designs and sew them into reality.
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  • Amy Zander

    Laura, the pictures of your work are amazing. You are very talented and I appreciate the tips for picking out window treatments. My house is an older, historic farm house and has a lot of original wide golden oak woodwork and wide windowsills. It seems like all of my windows are different sizes, and all custom–so custom draperies are the way to go. I can’t wait to talk to you more about some options. Thank you for always getting back to me right away!

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